Emma Heart – Spunky Angels


I stumbled upon this adorably thick babe from Spunky Angels this morning and just thought to myself, “wow”. I’m picky about pussy. I’m not ashamed. Maybe I’m a pussy elitist. So be it. (heck, I hate my own pussy sometimes but I get a little self loathing now and then). But this girl has a cute pussy. Like soft, fluffy kitten cute. I want to pet it.

Skye Model – Cutie in Pink


Ahhh!! How adorable is Skye?? She’s so stinkin’ cute, it’s practically unbearable! How did this sweet chick come to be naked on the internet? We may never know *coughdaddyissuescough* but thank goodness it happened!! Skye Model shows off her perky tits in little tank top outside, this blonde babe can come to my playground anytime!

Sweet Krissy – Goddess


You may remember my girl Sweet Krissy, she’s been around almost as long as I have! Lately her cam sets have been more and more naughty, here she is with a glass dildo! You have to be confident to wear a shirt like this one, but I think you’ll agree with me that the statement is quite accurate, Krissy is a goddess on the internet!