Talia Shepard New Boobs

Holy crap, Talia Shepard got new boobs. Yea, you heard that right. Talia Shepard. She, who had one of the nicest natural set of tits out there, went and got a boob job. A BIG boob job. A very round, almost comical boob job. *sigh* I can’t say I love them. But they are huge….

Wendy 4

Wendy 4 makes my head spin. I just can’t possibly grasp how these ginormous boobs are real AND are on this totally hot babe, Wendy4. I mean, Wendy is stunning even before you get to the cleavage, her face is just so pretty and exotic. And then all of a sudden it’s *kablam!* tits, tits…

Katie Banks

Katie Banks self shot pics are so cute. They make me feel like I am in the same room as her, like I’m just chilling in the dorm watching some hot busty chick get naked and play with herself… ya like that would ever happen in real life. Thank god for the internet. And for…

Bryci – Pin Up Babe

Bryci never disappoints with her amazing photo set ideas. This pin up babe look really gets to me, I love her sucking on cherries. It’s so sexy! The outfit, location, it’s all perfect. Bryci is a class above the rest! Bryci

Southern Brooke

Southern Brooke topless pictures are a wonder to see, for such huge boobs they are very perky with hot nipples. Southern Brooke is all woman with her curvy shape and ample booty, not too ample of course, but just the way a woman should look. Don’t take my word for it though…. Southern Brooke